Wrought iron bars


Here you can find several images and models of our wrought iron hot pierced bars, hammered bars, punched bars, shaped bars, half-round handrails, gate tops, twisted ropes, curved end pieces, handrails and starters.

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If you want to see examples of gates, banisters, balconies  made of wrought iron with our items, this is the section for you.


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Hot pierced and punched bars Hammered and shaped bars Collar profiles and collars
26-bucate-e-punzonate 27-martellate-e-sagomate 28-profili-e-fascette
Handrails, starters and curved end pieces Twisted ropes Gate tops
29-corrimani-partenze-curve 30-funi-attorcigliate 31-cimase

Any other height and section upon request